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Had another FANTASTIC cupping session with Dana Russell. Back feels great, hamstring muscles and calves relaxed and adhesions in my pecs relived. My elbow, where I have had 60% range of motion with pain is back to almost 100% without pain and I'm 20 lbs away from being back at my max curling weight. Cupping therapy is the best. – K. Bowen

I began seeing Dana 5 weeks after I had liposuction on my abdomen. In spite of my massaging the area myself, I had a LOT of scar tissue beginning to build up. In particular, the area from my navel to about 3-4 inches outward was like a solid sheet of scar tissue. There was no give to the skin whatsoever, and it felt like the scar tissue was at least 1/2 an inch deep. After one session with Dana, the effects were instantaneous. The scar tissue had softened considerably, and began to thin. Now, after 4 sessions, I have only one "patch" of the thick scar tissue remaining, and each session sees a reduction in the depth of that remaining scar tissue, as well as the post-operative discomfort I experienced. I believe that in time I will see a complete reduction, if not elimination of the remaining scar tissue, and I attribute this directly to the use of cupping massage.- L. Sullivan
Had my first cupping, ever, this last Thursday with Dana @ her new Salt Escape location. All I can saw is WOW! I have received several traditional massages but this is different on many levels. The cupping was relaxing, while invigorating at the same time. I had muscle pain go-ing in, from strains while exercising. The treatment left me completely relaxed and pain free. As this was a new process for me Dana took a lot of time to explain the treatment and it's benefits. My next session is this week. I guess that would be enough of an endorsement from me. A definite returning customer. – C. Cooper

I just had my very first cupping session and I was AMAZED with the results. I was able to have a much deeper healing over massage, my sciatica pain was removed immediately and I could feel the detox happening while on the table. It did not hurt and I can still feel the impact after a couple of days. Dana was gentle and explained every step. It's a much deeper relaxation over traditional massage. I love getting massage but cupping goes a step above. T. Tankersly

Thank you Dana. Lower back pain and hip pain is gone, gone GONE! – D. McDade

I have been a client of Dana Russell, and Bodywork by DR, for over a year. She has successfully treated me for body detoxification, chronic Achilles tendon problems, and joint and muscle injuries from working out. I fractured my ankle in early December, requiring 2 surgeries. Nearly 3 months later my flexibility was extremely diminished and my ankle was still very swollen. I had a great deal of inflammation, and a lot of numbness. Dana performed a cupping directly on my ankle. The inflammation immediately began to move, the swelling went down, and feeling began to return to the numb area. Now, 2 days later, I am wearing a shoe for the first time since my injury 12/07. Feeling continues to return and the swelling is still there, but has been reduced a great deal, and my Achilles tendon, which has given me problems for years feels much, much better. I have already scheduled 2 more sessions to continue in my recovery. C.C.

My aunt Gailene had her first cupping session this morning and loved it! She's looking forward to her next longer session and is spreading the word to all her friends and family!- M. Neal

Dana has expanded my understanding of what cupping can be. I thought it had to be painful, but Dana's technique helps alleviate any unnecessary pain. I have many scars from a previous accident and I have some nerve damage in my leg as well. I am very active, and cupping serves as a type of massage to help break up scar tissue and bring circulation to the area. I have seen Dana three times and I am having new sensations with my left leg where I normally do not have much feeling. I do not expect to get full feeling back, but anything new is better than nothing. Also, my scars are getting softer and moving more easily. I am pretty much a permanent client now. :) – K. McKenzie

Love cupping and how Dana knows exactly what to do wherever the pain is! She's helped me a few times with back and shoulder issues and I feel great afterwards. Try it out! :) – Melanie H.

I would recommend Dana to anyone who has been told by a Doctor that there are no other options. I had a cyst on the back of my neck filled with some oils. The Dermatologist said we could do cortisone shots to reduce its size or he could cut it out of me. The shots didn't help a whole lot, but I didn't want to have a minor surgery with working full time, attending college, and taking care of three kids, so I let the problem go. The cyst grew in size and became very cumbersome to my neck muscles and gave me headaches. Dana was able to reduce the size of the cyst after one treatment by about 25%. This was a breath of fresh air. I immediately had more energy and could deal with the day to day hustle of life much better. After the second treatment, it's about 99% gone. I'm able to stretch better than ever and feel fantastic. I'd recommend Dana to anyone looking to improve their well-being without the physical and monetary cost of seeking traditional medical attention. I will continue to use Dana and recommend her. – C. Hood

I have been seeing Dana Russell for cupping therapy for 3 sessions now. As it turns out, I have enjoyed an amazing benefit I didn't believe could happen. I allowed Dana to cup an area on my ankle that had been burned when I was 17 years old. This scar has been a sore spot with me since then. Dana was convinced the cupping would be helpful. Today that reminder of my accident has almost vanished completely. Besides the therapeutic value I have received from cupping in general, I now have the pleasure of watching this scar disappear. Thank you Dana for suggesting this treatment. I am very pleased with the results cupping has provided. – J. Slupski