Dana's new aromassages are divine! The moving cups combined with the essential oils are the best relaxing combo. There are so many wonderful benefits of the cups. I highly recommend her to anyone experiencing pain or to anyone that needs de-stressing.

K. McGee

What is Cupping?

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Client Testimonials


Dana has expanded my understanding of what cupping can be. I thought it had to be painful, but Dana's technique helps alleviate any unnecessary pain. I have many scars from a previous accident and I have some nerve damage in my leg as well. I am very active, and cupping serves as a type of massage to help break up scar tissue and bring circulation to the area. I have seen Dana three times and I am having new sensations with my left leg where I normally do not have much feeling. I do not expect to get full feeling back, but anything new is better than nothing. Also, my scars are getting softer and moving more easily. I am pretty much a permanent client now.  :)

K. McKenzie

Contemporary Cupping

Cupping is a traditional, time-honored treatment remaining favored by millions of people world wide because it is safe, comfortable and remarkably effective for many health conditions. It's the use of negative pressure, or suction, rather than compression for bodywork ranging from myofascia release to lymphatic drainage- and everything in between! Cupping rapidly facilitates rigid soft tissue release, loosens and lifts connective tissues, breaks up adhesions and drains stagnation while increasing blood and lymph flow to skin and muscles in a way not possible with compression.

Negative pressure massage really feels great! The pulling action engages the parasympathetic nervous system, thus allowing a deep relaxation to move through the entire body. It is not unusual to fall asleep while receiving a treatment. People are often surprised at how relaxed, warm and light they feel - hours...sometimes even days afterwards.

Dana L. Russell, LMT, ACT

I have over a decade of experience in bodywork. I am a licensed Massage Therapist with certifications in Medical Massage, Lymphatic drainage & Cupping Therapy.

I am also an Advanced Certified Contemporary Cupping Therapist.

North Dallas- Located inside the office of Ronit Mor, ND  

17480 Dallas Pkwy, Ste 110 Dallas Tx 75287